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    NS Pearl Harbor, HI - In Processing

    Contact your respective command first to find out where you must go to get your orders stamped, so you can start the clock for TLA and cost of living allowance entitlement. You must check into your command and housing to be eligible for TLA.

    Shore duty: Report directly to your command. If after 16:00 and you do not know how to contact the duty section, report to Naval Station Pearl Harbor Quarterdeck Building 150, Phone 808-473-1222. Ships or other deployable units report directly to the unit. If the unit is deployed or underway, report as follows:

    Surface ships -- Report to Transit Personnel Unit (TPU) Building 1753, Naval Station Pearl Harbor, for further transfer or to await ships arrival. Phone 808-473-0065.

    Submarines -- Report to Submarine Squadron Pass Liaison Representative (PLR/Command Pass Coordinator (CPC) Office located in Building 661, phone 808-473-2718. If reporting after hours contact the Naval Station Pearl Harbor Quarterdeck, Building 150, Phone 808-473-1222.

    Aviation Squadrons -- (VP/HS) Contact Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay at 808-257-0593 ext. 7024 or DSN 315-454-0593 ext. 7024.