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    There are a lot of tourist activities in Hawaii and finding them should be fairly easy. Fun in Hawaii includes beach fun, luaus, exploring Hawaii's interior, and Hawaii's unique local food.

    The Hawaiian Islands has several WWII military sites, including Navy, Army and Army Air Force, and Marine sites. Some of these (like MCB Hawaii) are still in use, others are not; military history seekers may want to visit any of the following.

    Pearl Harbor, of course, was the site of the Pearl Harbor Attack, and there are many local historical memorials and markers, including the USS Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin Submarine Museum, and the USS Missouri museum ship.

    The Bishop Museum, which is dedicated to Hawaiian arts and culture, is the largest Polynesian cultural artifact collection in the entire world.

    The Honolulu Museum of Art, which includes the Contemporary Museum of Honolulu, and 'Iolani Palace, the former palace of the royal family of Hawaii.

    Fort DeRussy is the site of a park, some offices, and the US Army Museum of Hawaii, which has World War II armor, a collection of small arms, displays on various US Army campaigns in the Pacific, including World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, a Gallery of Heroes, and displays on the military history of Hawaii before the US. The museum itself is in Battery Randolph, a retired coastal artillery battery from the days of coastal fortification.

    Fort Ruger was a coastal artillery base at Diamond Head Crater. The base was largely retired years ago, but is still used by the Hawaii National Guard. There are some remaining buildings and guardhouses, and an old observation station, and much of the Diamond Head Crater hiking was created for Army use.

    The Pacific Aviation Museum of Pearl Harbor, on Ford Island, is dedicated to the aviation history of Hawaii and the Pacific, with an emphasis on World War II and the Pacific Theatre, but also including Jet Age aircraft and subjects. The museum has WWII fighters and bombers, some later jet age aircraft, including Japanese and Soviet craft, and a WWII combat simulator.

    Fort Kamehameha, today on Hickam base grounds, was once an Army coastal artillery post. Many of the casements are intact, and might be examined by personnel, subject to ordinary security clearance and permission.